E-commerce Website design and development.

ALEXMOSSNY is a distinguished jewelry brand founded by Alex Moss, renowned for crafting custom pieces for high-profile clients such as Drake, Tyler, the Creator, and ASAP Rocky. Established in 2020, ALEXMOSSNY operates from an office in the World Diamond Tower in New York’s diamond district.

Technology Used


H and Co. was tasked with enhancing ALEXMOSSNY’s online presence while preserving the essence of its brick-and-mortar store to facilitate the launch of their ready-to-wear jewelry line. Key goals included:

  1. Integrating a user-friendly e-commerce platform to facilitate online sales of both custom and ready-made pieces.
  2. Implementing industry-specific solutions to address challenges faced by jewelry businesses, such as fraud prevention, website security, hosting, and website management.
  3. Providing marketing consultation to optimize brand exposure and drive sales.


Leveraging our extensive experience with jewelry clients, H and Co. collaborated closely with ALEXMOSSNY to develop a website and create processes designed to overcome common challenges faced by jewelry companies. Our approach prioritized:

a. Designing and implementing a robust e-commerce store to optimize product sales through digital marketing channels. b. Ensuring website security by incorporating advanced fraud prevention measures and secure hosting solutions. c. Providing consultation on marketing strategies to promote ALEXMOSSNY’s ready-to-wear “Cathedral of Dreams” collection.

We equipped the website with sturdy infrastructure and an intuitive content management system to accommodate traffic surges and simplify management for the ALEXMOSSNY team.

Project Gallery

AMNY Flagship Location in NY and the inspiration behind the website design.

Following the website redesign, ALEX MOSS NY experienced remarkable improvements in online traffic and customer engagement, while overcoming industry-specific challenges. Key accomplishments comprised:

  1. Enhanced product showcasing, leading to an increase in online sales of both custom and ready-made pieces.
  2. Improved customer acquisition for custom jewelry commissions, resulting in a growth in inquiries and a boost in revenue.
  3. The successful launch and promotion of the “Cathedral of Dreams” collection, with an increase in orders within the first month.
  4. Robust website security measures, leading to a reduction in fraud incidents and increased customer trust.
  5. Streamlined website management processes, enabling the ALEXMOSSNY team to focus on growing their business.