E-commerce Website Design & Development 

Marketing Consulting  & Execution

About the company:

The GTA’s Favourite Family-owned and Operated Jewellery Store with 2 locations selling multiple brands under one roof.

LORO Jewellery has been Toronto and the GTA’s trusted fine jewellery and luxury watch retailer since 1984.

Technology Used


L’ORO Jewellery entrusted H & Co with the task of revamping their website, driven by several key objectives:

  1. Crafting a lightning-fast, scalable, and user-friendly e-commerce platform that delights both customers and internal staff.
  2. Seamlessly transforming their exquisitely curated offline luxury experience into a captivating online presence.
  3. Expanding the brand’s influence and recognition across the entire Canadian market.
  4. Designing a website optimized to capture and convert website traffic, maximizing the potential of every visitor.
  5. integrated with their existing inventory management system and POS system, with their website to streamline efforts.


We built the website to revolve around three goals: functionality for the user, easy to manage for the L’ORO staff and work for our Paid and Organic marketing strategy 


In 6 months, we were able to: 

  • Build a fast, scalable, and easy-to-use e-commerce website for customers and internal staff
  • Translate their maliciously designed offline luxury experience online
  • Extend the reach of the brand across Canada

This success has led to a continuous clientship with L’ORO where we consult, conduct, and catalyze marketing decisions that lead to scalable growth. Our online and offline efforts are part of a holistic marketing strategy that functions alongside business development. 

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the L’ORO Team 

As a result of our website redesign for L’ORO Jewellery, we achieved remarkable outcomes:

  1. Organic traffic experienced exponential growth, soaring from 750 visitors/month to 7,500/month within the 90 days, and has continued to climb ever since, with each itteration of the site.
  2. The website now boasts an impressive Google PageSpeed score of over 95% for both desktop and mobile, ensuring a lightning-fast user experience.
  3. The newly designed website lends itself well to continuous optimization, allowing L’ORO Jewellery to adapt and enhance its online presence to meet evolving needs and trends.

In addition to the redesign, we also developed a long-term website strategy for L’ORO Jewellery, which encompassed identifying the most effective marketing channels and methods for generating traffic. We then constructed the website with these channels in mind, optimizing it to ensure maximum exposure.

This strategic approach propelled L’ORO to the top of Google search results, driving millions of dollars in free traffic and solidifying their online presence as a dominant force in the luxury jewellery market.