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Get an enterprise-level PPC advertising agency without enterprise-level costs, commitments and headaches.
What is PPC?

Pay Per Click is an advertising model where the publisher is paid only for the targeted traffic they send to your website. Paid advertising is typically to generate online sales or generate leads for offline sales.


we believe in the hundred-year-old advertising tradition that effective marketing happens at the intersection of great targeting and compelling messaging. The 21st-century spin is what happens afterwards with the data collected.

PPC Targeting

H&Co offers a holistic set of targeting options that go beyond the standard targeting options typically available to non-enterprise clients.

  • Location-based targeting ie. shows, conventions retail stores, offices etc.
  • Website Retargeting 
  • Keyword Search Targeting  
  • Content/Contextual Targeting ie. based on what the user is reading about.

PPC Messaging

Our team works with the business to understand its unique value proposition and convey that effectively for the advertising platforms that we are on.

  • Messaging Strategy & Consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Photography & Videography
  • Graphic Design

PPC Infrastrucute

  • PPC Infrastructure Audit
  • Event tracking
  • E-commerce purchase tracking and integration. 
  • CRM integration
  • Advertising platform integration ( Google, Bing, Facebook etc) 
  • Advanced tracking implementation and attribution modelling.
1-3 month

Short Term PPC Audit & Optimization

H&Co can set up, consult, audit, and optimize PPC accounts finding meaningful optimizations resulting in measurable increases in sales.

Short-term PPC Ad Management would include 

  • Auditing and Optimizing Existing PPC Accounts
  • Managing offline events tracking, conversions, and more.
  • Planning, researching and launching new PPC accounts or campaigns. 

Long Term PPC Management

Our long-term PPC management is primarily for businesses in competitive industries and with a  monthly PPC budget of $5,000+

Long-term PPC Ad Management would include 

  • Ongoing Industry, competitor, company and product research.
  •  A PPC strategy based on the research with periodic updates.
  • Ongoing On-account Optimisations, ie. Keywords, account structure, 1st party data integrations etc.
  • Off-Account optimations, i.e. landing page and content. 
and anything else we need to do to maximize the sales from paid advertising….we mean it.

Our PPC Agency Results

Average Return
on PPC Ad Spend
(2.87X industry average)
Average reduction in cost/click within 1 Quarter
Average increase in advertising efficiency within 1 Quarter

Make your $$$ go further

Experts in Pay-Per-Click

Our 15 years and $10,000,000+ of  PPC advertising experience have evolved into the ability to target the right person at the right time with the right messaging.

From Idea to campaign

Full Service

The H&Co team is comprised of:

  • Marketing PPC Specialists
  • Copywriters 
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Designers & Developers
  • Analytics Specialists

This talent stack allows us to quickly ideate, efficiently optimize, and execute killer PPC campaigns.

We go where the traffic is

Platform Agnostic

We continue to test and implement new PPC channels as they emerge, giving us access to new mediums, targeting parameters, and visitors. 

Track from click to sale

PPC Analytics & Reporting

Accurately attributing each purchase to the set of clicks, impressions and website visits is the foundation of our PPC advertising strategy. We have the tools and expertise and expertise to track complex buyers’ journeys and make decisions grounded in the whole truth.

Pay Per Click F.A.Q.

The questions our PPC agency gets the most

What is PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click is an advertising model where the publisher or website is paid for the traffic they send your site. Ad Platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, and Linkedin all have PPC Options

How much should my PPC Marketing budget be?

We recommend spending 30x your current “cost per lead” If you are starting from scratch and dont have a “CPL” we recommend a minimum of $2500/month.

How long does it take to see results?

One of the benefits of PPC is that the traffic comes immediately after launching. sales typically lag based on your sales cycle length.

How much does H & Co's PPC services cost?

Our PPC Services start at $1,000/month + a minimum advertising spend of $2500 (to pay for the ads)

How long do i need Professional Pay/Click Services for?

The length of time you need to have your paid ads Managed professionally depends on your goals and budget.

if your business pends more than $4,500/month on advertising having our PPC specialist, graphic designers and copywriters constantly iterate and optimize the messaging, targeting and channels would 

Is SEO Better than Paid Search Engine Ads

Pay Per Click ads on search engines are effective at attracting relevant traffic ready to buy without the overhead of SEO or it can fit within your SEO strategy to test out keyword search volumes and quality before spending the effort required to rank organically.

Would PPC Work For My Business

Pay Per Click advertising can work for any business if executed thoughtfully. We customize the channels and messaging based on the nuances of your business. 

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