Marketing Solutions

Attract & Track website visitors Convert them into customers.

H & Co Helps businesses create and capture demand for their products & Services.

We do this by highlighting the value of your product or service to a relevant audience using advertising coupled with a better website experience, results in more impactful marketing and, ultimately, more customers. 

Website Design & Development​

We design and build websites grounded in marketing-first principles. This means every decision in the web design process, from the choice of platform to the integrations we implement, is aimed at enhancing the marketing efforts we will undertake. Our approach ensures that infrastructure and design decisions are all made with marketing effectiveness in mind.

We don’t build award-winning websites; we build websites that attract customers.

Digital Marketing​

Reengage past. loyal customers and find new ones with effective marekting based on accurate tracking and tried and tested results. 

For over 5 years, we’ve helped companies rank at the top of Google for key brand terms, brought in relevant traffic through paid media, and helped businesses iterate and optimize their customer messaging and buyers’ journey.

here we help

  1. Increase digital or in-store traffic with relevant in-market buyers.
  2. Increase online purchases and Offline Leads.
  3. Represent the retailers for brands to deploy ads and maximize the retailer’s ROI
  4. Re-engage previous customers via (email marketing, paid ads and more)

Tracking & CRM​

Our job is to make sure we can identify the ~50% of advertising that is wasted by creating a system to track each click, purchase, lead, chat and more. 

Merging the offline and online data is the key to optimizing for ROI instead of website clicks or Page views.

In a nutshell, this service helps you understand 

  1. What Marketing Channels and Tactics are working
  2. Track and analyze online and in-store sales activity.
  3. Provide consistent user experiences.

What Our clients say

Aleksandra Jassem
The Rebel Mama
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We had a wonderful experience with H&CO Agency! Thorough, detailed, and easy to work with, Hagop pulled all the most valuable information for us and condensed it into a report that we have used to grow and support our business. We will be using H&CO on a regular basis going forward 🙂
Brandon Bernstein
Paloma Blanca
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Our traffic has doubled and we are receiving a much higher volume of email inquires.
Tamara Shemavonian
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H & CO Agency is a very good team and easy to work with. Aside from me providing some ideas, they also have some input that has proven to be successful. Our previous website was dated and didn’t have e-commerce capabilities. With the new site, the team jumpstarted our online business, leading to increased traffic. We also stay on top of the online ads to see if they convert well and bring in customers.

Current & Past Clients

Our Latest

Digital Marketing & Website Development

We designed this website with two goals in mind: to sell luxury watches online and to generate leads for the in-store staff. We also designed and executed a marketing plan that resulted in a 10X increase in traffic and a significant increase in sales.

Website Design & Development

We custom-built this website from the ground up to better optimize the cataloguing of wedding dresses and capturing leads.

Website Design & Development

We custom-built this website from the ground up to better optimize the cataloguing of wedding dresses and capturing leads.