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Attract & Track website visitors Convert them into customers.

We’re beyond full-funnel. Our work doesn’t end when we’ve converted a visitor, but continues long after they’re a customer for exponential growth. 


We understand that marketing is more than just graphics (design) and words (content). The data behind every click is a complex and intermingled set of business activities. This is why we’re responsible for your entire marketing funnel. It keeps us accountable, effective, and by managing the entire process, we ensure seamless integration and superior results.

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From designing captivating ads to developing sophisticated websites and CRM systems, we ensure that every aspect of your digital presence is optimized. We organize all your customers and leads for a clear understanding of your customer base and relationship management. We understand the actual return on investment (ROI) for each marketing function, see what’s driving your sales and where to focus your efforts for maximum impact.

Cutting Through Keywords:

We’ve all worked at luxury agencies before and we didn’t belong. That’s because we grew tired of ineffective, skin-deep marketing tricks that are appealing but fruitless. We saw what they weren’t doing: not leveraging real data and analyses of consumer behavior to communicate and harness strong brand relationships.

So though the market seems saturated with digital market agencies, none of them do what we do. Back their work.

What Our clients say

Aleksandra Jassem
The Rebel Mama
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We had a wonderful experience with H&CO Agency! Thorough, detailed, and easy to work with, Hagop pulled all the most valuable information for us and condensed it into a report that we have used to grow and support our business. We will be using H&CO on a regular basis going forward 🙂
Brandon Bernstein
Paloma Blanca
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Our traffic has doubled and we are receiving a much higher volume of email inquires.
Tamara Shemavonian
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H & CO Agency is a very good team and easy to work with. Aside from me providing some ideas, they also have some input that has proven to be successful. Our previous website was dated and didn’t have e-commerce capabilities. With the new site, the team jumpstarted our online business, leading to increased traffic. We also stay on top of the online ads to see if they convert well and bring in customers.

A better boutique agency:

You can contact us 24/7, and the person working on your marketing is the one who answers the phone. We don’t use account managers or intermediaries, ensuring direct communication between the people doing the work and your business.

Industry experts:

With us, you don’t start at zero. You get over a decade’s worth of marketing experience in the jewelry and luxury watch industry. That means we understand what works and what doesn’t, saving you from ineffective strategies like certain events, PR tactics, and ad types in luxury retail. We live and breathe luxury watches and jewelry, making a point to visit retailers in our downtime to understand their operations around the world. 

Data-First Approach:

By tracking, capturing, organizing and analyzing your customer data, we make more informed decisions, personalized marketing efforts, and stronger customer relationships. We can track customer interactions, preferences, and purchase history, allowing for personalized marketing and tailored sales approaches that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our valuable insights and reporting help identify trends, forecast sales, and ultimately, sustainable business growth.

Innovation at the heart of operations:

We leverage cutting-edge technology to help businesses create unforgettable experiences for their clients.

Our Latest

Digital Marketing & Website Development

We designed this website with two goals in mind: to sell luxury watches online and to generate leads for the in-store staff. We also designed and executed a marketing plan that resulted in a 10X increase in traffic and a significant increase in sales.

Website Design & Development

We custom-built this website from the ground up to better optimize the cataloguing of wedding dresses and capturing leads.

Website Design & Development

We custom-built this website from the ground up to better optimize the cataloguing of wedding dresses and capturing leads.