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with leading class marketing.

We are a digital marketing agency that’s a little too obsessed with increasing your marketing ROI. With over 15 years of building and managing ads, we’ve developed an agnostic approach to media buying. 

Our first and final objective is to advertise anywhere with a measurable return on ad spend. This has been the best approach to maximizing the $35,000,000 we’ve spent on ads before founding H&Co. 

Marketing Clients:

What we do:


Marketing Strategy

You wouldn’t go into battle without a plan, nor would we. 

Our first step is to always gather different data points on your business, its offerings, and competitive research. We then build an omnichannel marketing strategy  that aligns your UVPs with their target audience’s pain points. A better understanding of your customers ultimately results in better returns on your investment.


Website Design

We typically have to rebuild the websites of our new clients to market them. To ensure your website dominates, our marketers, UX designers, and developers collaborate to execute a strategy that balances the requirements of each respective field. 


Marketing Implementation
and Execution

Now, we begin. We analyze and test your marketing strategy against various creative ideas, UVPs, and offerings to constantly find and communicate the most compelling offer.  


Analyze Report and Optimize

Good marketing is optimized, effective marketing is iterative. We would know, we’ve changed this site three times. Once we hit your marketing goals, we maintain them by reoptimizing, recalibrating, and reorganizing data collected from our campaigns. 

Our technology stack

{Search Engine Optimization}

We use specific SEO strategies to increase the quality and quantity of your website traffic through organic search engine results. Infusing SEO methods within various campaigns guarantees positive long-term ROI on any of your given value props.

{Paid Search Ads}

This is both a customer acquisition and analytics tool used to efficiently test new and unique value propositions, landing pages, and SEO tactics. We use pay-per-click advertising in tandem with our proprietary technology for specifically tailored and targeted PPC marketing campaigns.

{Video & Podcast Ads}

Cable continues to die, online video and audio content continues to thrive. We acutely target the same demographic, but with a significantly more cost-effective and strategy-efficient focus.

{Social Media Ads}

As social media have made headway as the leading media outlets, consuming ads via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are no longer the future, they’re the now. Reaching your target marketing through these platforms offer deeper levels of data.