We develop highly-specialized marketing solutions for our luxury retail clients to turn leads into customers, into a community.

In your industry, better always means better. The same goes for us. Our raison dêtre is to create and capture demand for your watch and jewelry retail store, and the brands and products you represent. 


Our M.O. is seamlessly translating your refined in-store experience into an equally elegant digital one, captivating new customers through a blend of paid and organic media. By transforming these visitors into prospects with an effective website and harmonious marketing strategies, we facilitate online and offline sales.

Our Marketing Services

We do it all. We’re a full-service marketing agency that makes functional, beautiful, and optimized websites, but also handles PR, product photography, and analytics. We’re an entire team through a single hire and our retailers love us because we: 


  • We find out what your customer is thinking, and how, to answer their questions before they ask them
  • Drive desirability by starting online conversations, understanding shopper nuances, and triggering emotional responses
  • Spark calls to action by fulfilling lifestyle ideas 

Why We’re Better

We’ve been helping luxury retailers grow their businesses since we started to grow our own.  The team at H&Co. are our clients’ ideal consumers, so selling, marketing, and creating watch, jewelry, and luxury content comes as second nature to us. Our deep understanding of the space lets us connect directly and deeply with your consumers to create a brand relationship that lasts.

Scalable solutions

Your business will oscillate with time, and our marketing strategies work with constant business changes to bring you and your customers evergreen success. 

Transparency, always

We have our own type of loupe that allows us to watch your ad performance and make sure they’re profiting.

We track where your marketing dollars are best spent, helping you double down on the winning, ads, tactics, channels and more. so you can spend smarter and earn more.

Holistic approach & execution

Every gear in our marketing strategies fuels each other to ensure every touchpoint with the consumer is relevant and captivating regardless of where they are in their customer journey. 

Your Story, Told Louder

You know your story best. Our expertise lies in when and how to identify opportunities to get your story before a prospective client throughout their buying journey. By exploiting these opportunities, we build brand recognition and create strongholds within the market.

Paid Media

CRM Implementation & Management

Website Design & Development


Marketing Audits

Digital Marketing

PR & Outreach

Branding & Storytelling 

Marketing Analytics and Tracking 

Our Marketing Services

L'ORO Jewellery

Established in 1984, L’ORO, one of Canada’s largest independent watch retailers, is a second-generation family-owned business operating three retail stores with five boutiques featuring renowned brands such as Omega, Panerai, IWC, Roger Dubois, and Chopard.

Alex Moss, New York

Alex Moss, New York. is a first generation jewellery business rooted in New York. They design and create timeless pieces for discerning clientele worldwide from Drake and Chief Keef to Hailey Bieber

Shiny Jewellers

Shiny Jewellers is one of Canadas largest 14&18K wholesalers. managed by a small and effective team servicing hundreds of retailers across North America. 

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